How To Buy Antiques And Collectibles

Ship  How To Buy Antiques And Collectibles
Are you aware of all the money being made on eBay and other sites selling antiques and collectibles? You can't help but notice. And maybe you were a little envious or frustrated because they knew something you didn’t. Well I'm here to tell you that these people were not born with any special intrinsically knowledge of the antique and collectible trade. It's learned behavior as they say. The people making money in the trade in most cases have acquired the knowledge from years of buying and selling. And most of the good buys were built on the shoulders of a lot of bad buys. It is part and parcel of the trade. Anyone who says otherwise is lying and the truth ain't in 'em.

I've been in the business myself for several years now and I have many trusted friends who have been in longer. There is no disagreement from any of them. There is no substitute for experience. I must say that up front so as to not give the wrong impression about the intent of this information. That being said, there is no reason you can not benefit and profit beyond your wildest imagination by knowing some of the tricks of the trade that are known by most antique and collectible dealers, but are just beyond the reach of the average person.

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