[Ancientartifacts] Re: More questions about Syro hittite figures

Blimey, that's a lot of questions... I'll try to answer over the

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> Thanks to all for the help and guidance you provide.
> &nbsp;
> Rolf,&nbsp;I was aware that many people believe that the syro
hittite female fertility figures (astarte?) were ritually broken. I
tend to accept that theory, but were any of these figurines made out
of metal? If so, I am sure they were not meant to be broken.
> &nbsp;
> Did they also ritually break the horsemen? Is the figure on the
horse a male god (possibly baal - or his equivalent?).
> &nbsp;
> Are&nbsp;the merhgarh female idols related to the syro hittite
idols in that they represent the same fertility goddess (Astarte or
Asherah etc.)
> &nbsp;
> Many of the Tel Halaf idols I have seen&nbsp;also have a bird face -
can they also be placed in the same category?&nbsp;Do the artifacts
from Tel Halaf suggest that&nbsp;they were ritually broken?&nbsp;
> &nbsp;
> I have seen some Tanit figurines for sale recently - they do not
seem to have been ritually broken. I realize they are Phoenician, but
it seems possible that ritually breaking idols was somewhat of a
common practice in ancient times - to release the 'mana' or powers
locked within the idol.
> &nbsp;
> Is it probable that the&nbsp;Tel Brak 'eye idols'&nbsp;&nbsp;were
also ritually broken? I have noticed that many of the stone idols
have been broken at the neck (if terracotta - one of the 'eyes' are
usually broken). Could the breaks be due to structural weakness - the
long body of the 'Astartes' and the thin necks of the 'eye idols'?
> &nbsp;
> &nbsp;
> Tony
> &nbsp;
> &nbsp;
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> Subject: [Ancientartifacts] Re: dougie9350 - questionable syro
hittite horse
> To: Ancientartifacts@yahoogroups.com
> Date: Thursday, June 5, 2008, 12:57 PM
> Hi Tony,
> Genuine Syro-Hittite votive figures which are intact can probably
> counted on one hand: these figures were made to be ritually broken
> and distributed as offerings in fields for fertility or under
> building foundations - the likelihood of one appearing on ebay and
> not being fiercely bid upon by dealers such as myself is improbable
> though of course not impossible. The reason I wouldn't personally
> on this example is that I know there are many fakes of this type in
> circulation and that the appearance of the surface is consistent
> the fakes which I've seen and handled in person.
> Newsflash: genuine items on ebay! I noticed a sale via fleabay-live
> which seems to be offering genuine antiquities - Estates Unlimited
> Inc. - I only looked at the Classical pieces but they looked pretty
> good and many appear (I think) to have come from Howie Nowes who's
> perfectly straight and proper dealer in my opinion.
> Cheers,
> Rolf Kiaer
> www.heliosgallery. com


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