Re: [Ancientartifacts] Re: re ebay seller ancientgifts and others

Hi Ramon Jr
I was just really trying to say I have bought items from dealers that subsequently were put on list of sellers of fakes and the items I have bought have been genuine!!! I am sure many dealers in the group have unknowingly sold a item that was a fake.  Thank you Chris
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From: Ramon Jr
Date: 03/06/2008 08:05:12
Subject: [Ancientartifacts] Re: re ebay seller ancientgifts and others

Hi Chris Simons.Please let me know what sellers do you think should
not be in the blacklist.byblosantiques,tyre-art,hermescrafts etc ?
I am still waiting for an answer on the percentage of fakes this
crooks are selling
Ramon Saenz de Heredia
BTW. --- In, "chris simons"
<chris.egyptmania@...> wrote:
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> Hi Arend agree with you to a point some of the members are expert!!
> example Tim-shabtis, Ernie - all Egyptian items Rolf- all Egyptian
items and
> a lot more dealers who really know there artifacts, but I do feel
that some
> are being as you say pathologically shouting fake, I learn a lot
from this
> group but some times my head spins at what is good and what isn't,
> danger here is by accusing a seller of dealing in fakes you are in
> cases depriving dealers of earning money, I still maintain there
are grey
> areas where a seller may not be aware that they are selling a
fake. Chris
> From: Arend Bosscher
> Date: 01/06/2008 23:10:08
> To:
> Subject: Re: [Ancientartifacts] re ebay seller ancientgifts
> Hi,
> Reading the mail exchange in Ancientartifacts now for the past few
days I am
> getting convinced that most contributors are pathologically
inclined to call
> everything --FAKE-- No one bothers to specify what makes them think
so; not
> even when repeatedly invited to do so. I have decided to further
ignore this
> bunch of self-declared experts though I will continue reading their
> as they are, sometimes at least, quite hilarious. You for one
proved my
> point.
> Arend Bosscher.
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> From: "fiddle01@..." <fiddle01@...>
> To:
> Sent: Sunday, June 1, 2008 9:51:39 PM
> Subject: [Ancientartifacts] re ebay seller ancientgifts
> Hi All,
> Just a quick message as a follow up to my dealings with the ebay
> seller ancientgifts. Now a few months ago I purchased a roman
> intaglio from this seller and was delighted with the product until
> read some of the poor reviews that the guy has been getting of
> I decided to get a second opinion of the intaglio from one of my
> fellows on this site, and was natrualy slightly peeved to find that
> the opoinion was, that the item is fake.
> Well I feel I must let you all know that since then I have taken
> intaglio to a national roman museaum and it has been examined by
> expert in such items and just come back to me as totally genuine. I
> feel that it is worth mentioning this as it would seem our freind
> from Ancientgifts is getting an awful lot of bad press, now I
> if it is all justified?
> One thing I can tell you is that when I had firstly found the item
> was maybe fake? I did contact ancient gifts, and he was absolutely
> adamant that it is genuine. I recieved pages of mail and info from
> the the end he offered full money back if I was still not
> satisfied. What was really impressive is that the expert at the
> museaum came up with the same date and iconography as the seller, I
> have not just jumped to a conclusion here I have done my own
> Happy Hunting
> Kit


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