Re: [Ancientartifacts] Re: Trocadero?: Ramon's black list

Hi Albert,

Ramon Jr. has composed a black list of traders trading on ebay.  One can conclude from this list that ebay is definitely not the place to randomly buy stuff. imho, Steve is from another planet when he states that ebay is no worse than other sites.  Vcoins is also another good site. Their Vauctions offer some good buys.  For myself, there are only several dealers on ebay I would buy with  absolute confidence: Sue's antiquites, tuppennyblue, and helios gallery.  Once in a while, I recall Bron might offer some cool stuff and Bron also highlights some good sellers when they occasionally offer some authentic stuff from their collections.  Nabors, forgot his ebay name, also offers authentic ancient artifacts, though very infrequently.  I apologize if I didn't list other dealers, who are also resputable; this is just a list off the top of my head.


11cats_and_dogs11 / 300rarecoins / abou*simbel_ trade /
alexios_hellas /
aegyptocapta /alexandriacoins /alfredcoptic/
allfromegypt- com /alpacaland/ ancient_chronicles/ ancientart7/
ancientbulkseller /ancient_digs/ ancientgr4/
ancient_egyptiansel lers/ ancientegyptiananti quities /
ancientempires/ ancientium /ancientmix /
ancientrelics2000bc /ancientshop_ com /ancientstuff15/
ancientworld7/ anticvarius/ antiquus2000 /antiquead/
antiquekhan/ anubis-afterlife /
antiques-to- antiquities/ antiquitiesart/ arfranc /armansperger/
art-archaic/ archeology_student /artcollexion/
arthograph /artemission /artifactforu /artman22/
art-of-the-gods/ artomex /ashoura-traders / avi-cohen/
avi_cohen/back_ street_bazaar/ baerisch /
bargain4treasures/ batibaleno //
belgicantiquities /benjamin6075 /ber1yn/bestbuyanti ques /
//bestsells4u / bidancient/ blueboxshow /bid2antique/
born2bkings/ borovez /byblosantiques /caesars.emporium/
caligula_art /candy_is_spiffy/ carinne_c/ castle*gates /chavin/
chimu-galerie/ chinaantiquary- com /
cinarze /clairecoins /classicalages / click424/
/colosseum1001/ colosseums / dafny255/
/conker1234 /cronus123/cubix4/
curious_pieces /dalp-s /
debbylastcall /daveharley74 /denpaqui/
/desertedtreasures /designer-wallet/
dmckeeby /devidc332 /domitia.domitia /dogsarcangel12/
donativa/draconariu s_1/ edeal_usa/ egypt_antq /
egyptian.antique/ egyptiancivilisatio n /egyptchannel /
egyptgallery /egyptoffers/
egyptianbrilliant/ egyptiandeals /
egyptianhistory / egyptianseller /
egyptiansellers / egyptiantrust/ egyptian_universe /
egyptianworld /element204/ empiredanny /empire_gallery /
equitas0 / experten14/

eyeofhours /4_fashion /farahanantiques
/fine-estates / first*gate/ flavia-salutis/
flyingmoneybags /forumantica /fredo_cr /g..f..w /
germanica-de/ glocorp / goantiqueslive / greeko13/
grego495/ gregvarb/ guatemala_art
hallora8 /hannbenm /hanbenm / hbenm /heathert354/
herberta35 /
heritage-museum /hermescrafts /heritage-museum /
historyandartefacts /idux1986 /ikamfa /ikkuh1986 /
imperatorial/ imperial_ antiquities /italinea/ I_ofiyh_antiques /
i saleforyou/indianaj onessr /
/ivomilig / izikh /jaybashant/ jim_backas/ jim6222/
/joco1961 /jonesnes/ johnjulie2122 / jonnycoin/
/josfal/ jungle.bells /karakalas/keatonba ron /
kingofdesert/ klauvia /kolonium /korekoma
/ la.comercial /
ladyloreal /lancoins /legiogemina /
legion_8 /legion_viii/
lepanese /lindusjami/ loresales2007 /lostciv
/magnence26 /
maniahistoria1/ marad_one /marcopolos72
mavrodiya/maximinus 435/ maximusgladiator/ maxlewin/
/maystarrs /
mexgems /mihal_cin /milleniumantiques1 /minky234 /
mosquera99 / /moonlord67/
mrsmith66/mysticali l/naumthai_ heirloom/
near_eastren_ treasures/ nine1996
/nrvl294/nuggets_ factory /nulys/
numis18/numis- rares / oldinhand / omai9 /olmecdan/
ostrom_coins/ ouregypt /2000palmira /passion_of_ time/
*peru* /peruart1 /peru-export /peru-export2006/ perularedo/
peruveryantiques/ peruvian-culture/ pharonicgod/
pharaooooh*2007 / pharose_land/
pleomorfo/precol_ 1 /queen_ofsun /rajusha.123
/rare_ancient_ antiques/
/relickeepers/ rev_omali/ rhinobert /rifaija/
roman.coins/ roman_cg_ antiquities / /roma-uk/
$$$world.peru$ $$/ rotexcollections/ saber1312/
sacredsites/ sadigh-gallery/
saidvolt /samseksek/saritacu siramos /
saxbys-coins- and-collectables /scarces. com/
/sculture-aurelio /selektoria /shilajit/ 2630simone/
/siamtalisman /sipan-moche/ sirhoward2002/
sirpoetry /sizerian /skye82693/
sloansandkenyon /sogmart/ sol-artifacts/
southern_ural_ state_saaa /southlandempire/ soxpup /
sphinx-pc/ sportjanne/
stevenskf /stigs-antiquities/ sunnytampa/
tampax-romana /tangraantiquities/ tekezese/
the-oddest-thing /thelandofpharaohs /the_pharaohs22/
timelineoriginals /tnd8 /triad2002 / tripoli17 / tyre-art/
usaglobalimex /usgyrls / va85 / vergina*/vedium
vergina**/ vesko25 /victoriantiquities /viernaantiques/
/viorel6789 /vlaloman /wdm8866 /vix_anderson/ w.johaina. w /
wa1975m/ wewi_4/ w.johaina.w/ www_cfancients_ com /wilcoxnancy/
winchester41 /wynnem13/
wondercollections /www.worldwidestore .com /xenosgallery /xenosart
> youspaul /zephyrus-coins / zlatina5391/ 15th-ave.
Ramon Saenz de Heredia

niuboy08 <> wrote:
Thanks everyone for your help, I assumed that Trocadero was a more
trustworthy site then ebay, but when I saw that item there I became
concerned and curious what other's thaught of the site.

Thanks again for your responses,

--- In, "Arte Xibalba"
<artexibalba@...> wrote:
> Hello Albert,
> Trocadero is somewhat self-policing in that there is an internal
> for filing complaints about any item listed. Some years ago, when
> was smaller, this seemed to have been used more extensively. To be
> several dealers of fakes have been kicked off the site following
> complaints, but do not consider it a carefully vetted venue. It is
a far
> safer and much more ethical environment than Fleabay, but there are
> questionable objects that show up from time to time. is
> only for antiquities dealers, it's a little more carefully vetted
and more
> selective about which dealers are permitted to join, but do not
> perfection anywhere.
> It is always difficult for one dealer to complain about the
> misrepresentations of another dealer on the same venue, as a
conflict of
> interest is easily construed. In general, there is some quiet
behind the
> scenes communication that usually gets obviously bad items removed,
> there are certain people who resist friendly suggestions, usually
those with
> minimal knowledge of the material they sell. I don't know anyone
who has
> the time to regularly patrol the listings to search for errors,
> misrepresentations or fakes..and then to challenge them. I may be
asked to
> comment on particular items by clients from time to time, but have
> scrolled through the thousands of items listed in years. Your best
> is educating yourself and seeking the opinions of more experienced
> which is one of the things available to you here.
> There are always dealers trolling Fleabay for bargains, so you will
> constant comments on stuff listed there and the scam artists freely
> operating there, but far fewer dealers look at Trocadero listings,
as most
> sellers there are more experienced and far less likely to give
stuff away.
> Management does pay attention to the comments of members,
especially those
> folks who have been around and in business for some time. Repeat
> about particular items sellers do draw action. Unlike with
Fleabay, there
> is no support for flagrant sellers of fakes. However, there are no
> experts to review each listing for accuracy, the place is simply
too large
> to expect that.
> Overall, Trocadero is a much safer place for collectors than Ebay,
any day
> of the week.
> Axel
> From:
> [] On Behalf Of niuboy08
> Sent: Monday, March 24, 2008 2:48 PM
> To:
> Subject: [Ancientartifacts] Trocadero?
> I'm newer to collecting, and I recently discovered Trocadero. I
> thaught that it would be a more reliable site online in finding
> authentic pieces than that of ebay. And, I noticed one item which
> been classified as fake from and I was
> wondering if Trocadero polices itself, or if its more or less like
> Here is the link to the item:
> and to the collector-antiquites page with the same item (I think
> same picture):
> Thanks,
> Albert


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