[Ancientartifacts] Re: Are you reading this Tim?? - A retortion

No, an out of control group of children throwing a tantrum kills a
debate or heated discussion, a moderator helps maintain order.


--- In Ancientartifacts@yahoogroups.com, "Robert S"
<bobicusartifacts@...> wrote:
> >>Now someone is actually joining this group for the fights
> >> and lack of moderation!!
> That is true enough. I don't think moderation does much good
> because it tends to kill discussion when the subjects get a little
> heated. We've all seen in more than one group where a bully in
> cahoots with the moderator silences all opposing viewpoints. The
> is when someone is called a liar, or a cheat or worse, they ought to
> be able to retort in any manner they see fit.
> The fact is that we abhor cheaters because cheaters always win
> they are stopped. Looking sad and keeping silent will never stop a
> cheater. By the way those who don't understand my saying 'Cheaters
> always win' should come over to my house and we will play poker with
> my marked deck. I guarantee that I will win every round unless
> someone makes me use an honest deck.
> >>I thought new members were moderated for a bit of time at least?
> Yea, I was a little worried about that too. Fortunately my letter
> wasn't too offensive, though I can't swear for all of my puppets.
> the subject of puppets, it is pretty clear there are a number of
> active puppets here and active. But with a little semantical
> anyone should be able to spot who is a master and who is a puppet.
> Puppets unless used sparingly make their owners look foolish.
> >> Now Phil Jones has quit because you can't control the members
> You might want to check the archives of AP and Moneta before
> too many tears about this. Sure, Phil is quite knowledgeable,
> my strongest thought about this is: 'Pot meet Kettle'
> >>Fighting and drama are not what this group is supposed to be for.
> De facto, at this time, this is what it is about.
> >> It should be for learning about and discussing antiquities.
> Indeed, I was checking out the beginning of the discussion of the
> proper behavior of a new Ancients Collector from a couple of weeks
> ago. I think it is unrealistic to not expect there to be a number
> very strong opinions on a subject like this. And, frankly if I was
> the losing side of such a fundamental discussion I would want my
> heard rather than having it silenced by some moderator. Some of the
> time the discussions cut so deep that there isn't much room for
> civilized thought. Think about two wolves discussing dinner
> arrangements with a sheep they just met, the wolves do have the
> majority votes, so I guess that makes their decision the right one.
> Its a petty good deal if you are a wolf.
> >> And by this I don't mean simply "moderating everybody", not
> everybody has
> >>done something wrong, but moderate those who continually start
> wars
> >>and belittle others simply because they don't agree.
> How is someone suppose to decide what is right? Let the member
> censor with their ignores and their kill filters.
> Just my thoughts.
> Bob


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