Re: [Ancientartifacts] Puppet Armies.

---- Robert Schneider <> wrote:

Howdy Rob/Bob,

> >>Ya know someone accused me of inviting you to post in here?
> That is pretty damn funny! It was one of the meek and mild members
> who told me about this group, they were utterly and completely disgusted
> by what was going on here, and now probably regret inviting me over here.

Yep. Get's funnier by the minute. Summa the young 'uns got no stomach fer a fight.

Apparently, I'm the worst case of a troll Welsh has ever come across. Now how's that fer kudos!

> I for one, think most of the people take themselves way to seriously and
> they need to calm down when someone doesn't agree with them.

Yes. I keep telling myself this very thing. You know how it is, things start to escalate and what can you do? Stop posting? Nah. Run with it and see what the cat drags in.

> There is way too much groupthink in all of these lists.

Ya mean the Royal WE as in a poster saying "We blah, blah...."?

> I have been savagely attacked on a fair number of these lists, but I almost
> have never lashed back because usually it is one of the moderators
> 'fair-haired' children doing the attacking and I'd just get booted if I said
> a word.

I actually don't give toss whose child it is.

> I can't tell if I'm moderated here,

I don't believe you are.....but there are little band of happy workers would luv to do that for us.

> or if the moderator is taking the day off. My first message went through, but then > my 5 retorts didn't make it.

I think they may have appeared now. Mine pop up within 1-2 minutes of SEND (usually). I suppose it depends on whether an ~Agency~ wants to intercept my mail or not.

> My retort against Alfred is a gem (Alfred and I also go way back, though
> I guess he is now pretending he doesn't know me).

Certainly looks that way...the pretending bit.

> Since Phil is so obnoxious he isn't anyones golden hair child.

Robyn's gunna be sooo upset.

> Alfred on the other hand makes an attempt to seem nice and rationale,
> but he too will turn nasty if he disagrees with someone.

Don't we all do that? Here's a thought.....AncientFlame (self moderated) ! I'll put my hand up fer Co-List Holder. No holds barred. Nothing off-topic as long as the word ANCIENT appears somewhere in the text. Puppet Armies welcome. Be incinerated on entry! Sound good?

> As for puppet armies, The spat between Helios and Atremission seemed to
> have so many participants that I figure there were puppets on both side
> amening the various blows.

The one before that was while we were trying to formulate the first Draft of the Guidelines. Some of these people just don't read well, comprehension levels leave a great deal to be desired. Must be kids, I take it.

> I believe Rolf is real, not so sure about Andy though.

I'm pretty sure "Andy" is "Tony Kara....". I think a couple of pro-fake dealers put up sock puppets.

> Also, it looked like during the collectors guide discussion that puppets for
> the various sides were starting to attack each other.

Yeah. I noticed that. Every other time one particular person replied you'd get someone applauding what he'd said. I just thought they were kids with poor reading skills.

> I'm almost certain that Alfred was running a few puppets back in '04 when He,
> me and several others were in a nasty spat at UAC he had defenders coming
> out of the woodwork to attack me and my allies.

Never posted to him. Maybe to a puppet tho......

> Oddly, at that time one of his puppets started by attacking him, and
> then really laid in to me after establishing its credentials.

Yeah. It gets rather bizarre. Thank God I cut my teeth on flame-driven BBSes.



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